Top 10 Days Out in Holland

Do you need to get away from it all? That is also possible in the Netherlands! With the 10 outings in this article, you can go out and enjoy yourself, in your own country.
Besides being more affordable than a holiday, it is also really nice to discover new places in the Netherlands by going out for the day.

  1. The Railway Museum
    Het Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht is a large museum where children can experience everything for themselves. They don’t just have to enjoy watching and listening, because there are also trains that you can climb on. In addition, there are old and famous trains from the past that are worth admiring.
  2. Spotting planes at Schiphol
    Even without a plane ticket for a holiday, it’s fun to go to Amsterdam and spot aeroplanes at Schiphol Airport. The panorama terrace at Schiphol is the perfect place for it. There is also a Fokker 100 aircraft that you can view from the inside. This is an old KLM Cityhopper, in which you can do, and it seems, as if you are a passenger flying along or even a pilot.
  3. Blijdorp
    Going to the zoo is always fun. In Blijdorp, one of the most famous zoos in the Netherlands, you can spend hours and hours. The perfect day out! The zoo is at its best when it’s dry, because then you see the most animals. Even on a rainy day Blijdorp is still worth a visit, because there’s a lot to see inside as well.
  4. Utrecht with its canals and old mansions
    Utrecht is ideal for a day out. It takes 45 minutes to an hour to travel by train from Amsterdam to Utrecht. Walk around the canals of Utrecht, admire the beautiful mansions and visit the cathedral. Utrecht is a university city, so a number of beautiful buildings are connected to the university, like the University Museum.
  5. The Apenheul
    The Apenheul is located in Apeldoorn and is great fun for both children and adults. What makes the Apenheul so special is that the monkeys walk around freely. They can be found high up in the trees, but also walk past you, right beside you or even in front of your feet. It may sound boring: only monkeys, but because they walk around freely and come so close, all children become very enthusiastic!
  6. Amusement park Slagharen
    The former Ponypark Slagharen has been changed into Amusement Park Slagharen. The amusement park is nice and clear. Besides all outdoor attractions, there is a water park with all kinds of spectacular slides. If you go to Slagharen Amusement Park you can combine the amusement park and the water park, making it a very special day out.
  7. The windmills at the Kinderdijk
    At Kinderdijk, near Rotterdam, there are nineteen windmills close to each other, which are well preserved and listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A visit to the Kinderdijk is free, but you can pay to take a boat trip or visit the museums in two windmills to hear how families lived here with the noise of the windmills.
  8. Madurodam
    The Dutch miniature city Madurodam is located in The Hague. It is a fun park for young and old and very suitable for (growing) children. In Madurodam you can see the miniature trains, planes and famous buildings, but there are also many other things to do. For example, you can make a film, which makes it look as if you are flying over the land. You can also make your own beats as a DJ or generate your own wind energy.
  9. Efteling amusement park
    One of the most famous outings in the Netherlands is the Efteling. The park is open 365 days a year and you can even stay overnight. A visit to the Efteling is not cheap, but it is a must if you have never been there. There is so much to do and experience that the park is fun for both young and older children and adults.
  10. Combi of The Hague and Scheveningen
    The Hague has some of the best art museums in the Netherlands and the Mauritshuis houses one of the most famous paintings in the country: The Girl with the Pearl Earring.
    You can discover a completely different side of The Hague with a bicycle ride of less than twenty minutes to the beach of Scheveningen. Here you can relax by the sea or participate in adventurous activities.

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