Getting to Know Your New Official Board

The ADYNE board hopes November brings you renewed energy and success in your endeavours. Over the past few months of transition, our newly co-opted Board has been working to prioritise solving structural matters so that we can make steps towards achieving our strategic goals to build a stronger relationship with members, carry out exciting projects and pursue greater partnerships. For that reason, we are more than happy to finally announce that as of beginning of this month we have registered as the new official legal representatives of ADYNE. So without further ado, here is your new Board and what they plan to do for you!


Samiya Mooge


Samiya is an Irish Somali based in Dublin, Ireland. She is a Social Care practitioner and is currently pursuing a Masters in Social Work. She works with various local organisations with numerous roles, and campaigns as a Youth Ambassador for the No Hate Speech movement with the National Youth Council of Ireland. Samiya is also sits on the Secretariat of the Public Participation Network (PPN) - The People's Voice of South Dublin County - that represents all community & voluntary, environmental and social inclusion groups throughout the county. “Change will not come if we keep on waiting for a person or time that may never come. If not us, then who? We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. As ADYNE President, I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination, and that is to be the true voice and face of the African Diaspora Youth.”


Irene Najjemba

Head of Communications

Irene is an aspiring Ugandan journalist currently pursuing her International Media Masters in Bonn, Germany where she works with two partnering organisations: African Diaspora e.V. which focuses on propelling leadership and MigrAfrica which supports the integration of migrants. “As Head of Communications of ADYNE, my efforts will be focused on creating a transparent, interactive and consultative communication framework that enables members, partners and the governing board to engage in continous and cohesive exchange that facilitates collaboration for the best achievable impact of the network's objectives. I want to ensure there are open and accessible communication channels for all stakeholders at all times such the faces and voices of the African Diaspora Youth in Europe.”


Amina Khalid

Vice President

Amina is a British Somali based in London, UK and Caux, Switzerland where she works with Initiatives of Change as Project Director of Somali Initiatives for Dialogue and Democracy (SIDD) - the framework under which she set up Peace Begins at Home – a local Non-Profit Organisation focusing on inter-generational dialogue particularly between African Diaspora communities. “As the new Vice President of ADYNE, I feel privileged and honoured to be part of an international African diaspora youth network that is driven by passion to become change agents for both the host and respective countries. I look forward to forging exciting new collaborations and partnerships with all of our members, both new and old through our inspired common vision and values for a better world, to transform the image of the African Diaspora ”.


Diaby Abdourahamane


Diaby is an Ivorian living in Lisbon, Portugal where he serves as President of the Association for Refugees in Portugal (ARP) and Coordination Général des Ivoriens de la Diaspora (COGID). He is also one of the founding members of ADYNE and worked and served as the Head of Policy on the first steering committee. “My priorities as Treasurer will be: Firstly, the restoration and restructuring of ADYNE such that the vices and mistakes that had affected the network may be corrected; Secondly, innovating the network's financial structure and management mechanisms in order to deliver transparency and regain the trust of our members and partners before the next General Assembly; And lastly, to make it possible for all members to work and participate in our decision making processes for greater collaborative impact”


Koudjo Klevo

Vice President

Koudjo is a journalist from Togo residing in Bilboa, Spain where he works as a Coordinator at Investing in Youth, a Non-Governmental Organisation he founded. "I am convinced that African Youth organizations have to be examples of democratic participation and good governance. So for me, ADYNE is stronger when its members are fully involved in the decision making processes of the network. I promised to strive to grow the network by recruiting new members and to push for projects aimed at providing local youth organizations....”


Godfrey Chimbganda

Head of Policy Advocacy

Godfrey is a Zimbabwean with residence in Dublin, He is one of the initiators of the European Federation of African Students Association (EFASA) and currently campaigning as a candidate for the National Youth Panel of the Youth Division of Ireland's current ruling political party 'Young Fine Gael'. “Having contributed to policy submissions in Ireland at all levels I want to work on bringing policy formulations and submissions in ADYNE for both Africa and Europe. It is important that as the face of the African Diaspora..”


Ayo Wallace

Secretary General

Ayo is Nigerian/Jamaican youth trainer, poet and singer living in London, UK where she works as a Social Change Strategist for the The Ubele Initiative. “I am very honoured to take up the role as Secretary General of ADYNE and hope I can contribute, not only toward building stronger partnerships in Europe and Africa, but also advocate for better policies that reflect the needs of African Diaspora youth as well as highlighting the positive impact our culture has on the places we live.”